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POM Indfarvet Grå 500 Gram. Forstør

POM Indfarvet Grå 500 Gram.


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Consult the appropriate bulletins for the grade to be used, technical data or Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for proper use of DURACON®POM.
Wipe off or clean when pellets are spilled to avoid slipping and stumbling.
DURACON®POM acetal copolymer dust/flake can present an explosion hazard.
Use water, or any type of foam, powder, carbon-dioxide fire-extinguisher.
<Notes for molding DURACON®POM>
To prevent decomposition of the material, observe the material temperature and the in-cylinder retention time listed below :
1)Optimum material temperatures :
190 - 210°C (Do not heat over 250°C)
2)Limit in-cylinder retention time :
Cylinder TemperatureMaximum Residence Time
(The above conditions give a standard, and may vary under different conditions.)
In case of decomposition of the material or any fear of decomposition, reduce the cylinder temperature, and purge (discharge) the material from the cylinder.
During purging, wear safety goggles and keep your hands and face away from the nozzle section.
Dispose molten resin into water immediately after purged to prevent gas liberation.
Provide adequate ventilation around processing equipment to avoid inhalation of liberated formaldehyde gas which is considered potential cancer hazard.
When shutting down the molding operation, purge DURACON®POM and turn the heater off.
Do not mix any colorants, additives or resins of other brands with DURACON®POM, except those we recommend.
Keep the workplace ventilated locally or entirely during operation.

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