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V6 12V 1.75mm 0.4mm All Metal Hot End With Fan (with titanium alloy) (copy)



225,00 kr180,00 kr kr ex. moms

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No PEEK or PTFE Reach Extremely High Temperatures 300ºC with supplied thermistor >400ºC with thermocouple (additional electronics may be required) CNC Machined Parts High precision High quality surface finish Aesthetically Pleasing Prints almost every material (including PLA) Short Thermal Transition Improves extrusion accuracy Reduces 'blobbing' Lowers extrusion force Less retraction required Easy Mounting Plenty of community designed mounts (e.g. Thingiverse) Designed to fit in 16mm Groove Mount (i.e. J-Head) Version 5 of this HotEnd is more easily assembled and remains directly compatible with standard 16mm extruder bodies and should fit most extruder bodies accordingly. The CNC-machined parts not only assure quality, accuracy and strength but are also aesthetically pleasing. All heated parts are either steel, aluminium or brass. By using a stainless steel heat-break and active cooling we have reduced the distance in which the plastic transitions from ambient temperatures to extrusion temperatures to 2mm. This extremely short transition from cold filament to molten plastic provides highly precise extrusion with little extrusion force and reduced jamming. The supplied thermistor has a maximum temperature of 300ºC and is compatible with most 3D printing systems, however the hotend has been tested to beyond 400ºC using a thermocouple.

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