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Ultimaker2 Extrucion Upgrade Kit Forstør

Ultimaker2 Extrucion Upgrade Kit


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Installation guide
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-step installation guide
Our simple step-
-step guide will help you assemble the upgrade in under an hour
s included content
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Title: What
s in the kit
Description: Everything you need to assemble the upgrade is in the
box. There are no special
tools needed and you
ll be finished in an hour.
Fully assembled print head
The print head comes fully assembled with all parts and wires in place. The new
ensure the airflow is aimed perfectly below the nozzle and equally from both si
des and
the new Sunon fans are more silent than ever. The heater cartridge is now 35W whi
improves heat up times and print speeds. The PTFE isolator is made from TFM,
has a longer life span. We've removed the spring and implemented a spacer, this p
less pressure on the PTFE isolator which also expands its life span. We're using
a new
sensitive PT-100 temperature sensor, it provides accurate readings so you can t
weak the
settings with precision.
Swappable nozzles
Thanks to the swappable nozzle, you can quickly switch between different noz
zles. The
standard nozzle size is 0.4 mm, but you also have the option to
use a 0.25 mm nozzle for
detailed prints or a 0.6 mm/0.8 mm for faster prints.
Geared feeder motor
A new geared feeder motor is included that connects to the geared feeder.
Geared feeder
The innovative feeder allows you to easily swap filament and choose the c
pressure for your filament. For example with a softer filament you
ll need to choose a
lower pressure. Such control increases the success rate of your prints. It also feat
ures a
lever which, when raised, lets you manually insert or remove filament.
Print head shafts
New print head shafts are included, just in case you
ll bend your current print head
shafts while removing the print head.
Ultimaker calibration card
A calibration card is included to level the build plate to the co
rrect height.
Filament reel holder
To save desktop space, a shorter filament reel holder is included.
Axis tools
The axis tools are included to correctly remove and insert the print head shaft
s. The axis
alignment tools are included to properly align the print head shafts for as
little friction
as possible.
Build plate clamps
New build plate clamps are included that are much easier to open and close
by hand.
This allows you to easily remove the glass plate for cleaning or access to a p
The final touch in transforming your Ultimaker 2 to an Ultimaker 2+

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