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IGUS RJ4JP-01-10 LM10UU 1 Stk. Forstør

IGUS RJ4JP-01-10 LM10UU 1 Stk. (Orginale)er genbestildt



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Lubricant free, accurate, easy and quick to install. These are clearly and briefly the advantages of the new solid plastic bearing made from iglidur® J4 in Japanese dimension. In Ø 12 mm, the cost-effective drylin® bearing provides the lubricant free alternative to conventional ball bearings in 3D printers. 

Lubricant free alternative to ball bearings

Long service life

Quickly installed, secured by circlips

Light and clean

Typical applications:3D printers, gantries




RJ4JP solid plastic 


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 RJ4JP-01-088152417,51,114,3På forespørgsel 
 RJ4JP-01-10101929221,318På forespørgsel 
 RJ4JP-01-12122130231,320På forespørgsel 
 RJ4JP-01-1616283726,51,626,6På forespørgsel 
 RJ4JP-01-2020324230,51,630,3På forespørgsel 
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