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6/4 mm Tube PTFE (Bowden) 1 Cm. 1 Stk. Forstør

6/4 mm Tube PTFE (Bowden) 1 Cm. 1 Stk.



Varen passer på Blandtandet på en Ultimaker 2

En Ultimaker 2 bruger ca 70 cm

Ptfe Tube Outer diameter 6 mm. Inner diameter 4mm perfect to 3mm filament

1 Cm


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• Dimension: Id 4mm OD 6.0 mm ±0.3 mm 
• Electrical insulation ability: up to AWG 24
• Tensile strength: 25MPa
• Elongation at break: 300%
• Flammabilit: VW-1
• Dielectric strength: 26Kv/mm
• Volume resistivity: 10*14 ohm/cm
• Copper corrosion: pass

• Water absorption: 0.1%

PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene), Id 4 mm OD 6.0 mm + - 0.3 mm, used as feed hose to the extruder or the extruder gear and the hot end, is also used inside the hot end when the PTFE is very smooth is it's easy to push the filament through.

Teflon tubing or PTFE tubing, short for polytetraflouroethylene tubing, is made of superior polytetraflouroethylene resin through special extrusion and sintering process. This product is highly electrical insulation, highly flame retardent, self-lubricating and highly resistant to super high temperature, chemical reagents and almost all oil chemicals. It finds extensive applications in automotive, war industry and aerospace markets.

Product information:
• Highly temperature resisteant
• Highly flame retardant
• Resistant to corrosion, strong acid, strong base, chemical reagent, and oil etc.
• Continuous operating temperature -65~260 °C
• RoHS compliant
• Flammability VW-1
• Standard color transparent

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