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T5 Timing Belt (Stiff) 1 Meter. Forstør

T5 Timing Belt (Stiff) 1 Meter.



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Order your Open ended T5 Timing Belt at you desired length. Each piece is for 1m (39.37in). If you order 5 pcs you'll get 5m in one length.

Eg. For the Prusa Mendel you would need 1.8m, and you should order 2 pcs (2m). The belts are easily cut to the required length.


1840mm×5mm T5 pitch timing beltBeltY axis
1900mm×5mm T5 pitch timing beltBeltX axis


Belt specifications:

P = 5mm, H1 = 1.2mm, H = 2.2mm, 6mm width

Polyurethane open end timing belt is made of thermoplastic polyurethane.It has strong anti-wear. The various of reinforce cord ensure the running capability in the driving. It has small production tolerance. Polyurethane open end timing belt has the reliable transmission and the fine size stability. 

Mechanical properties

  • Steel cords
  • Max Traction Load (N) = 180
  • Breaking strength (N) = 720
  • Weight (g/m) = 15

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